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National Leadership Institute is committed to providing support to leaders of nonprofit and for profit organizations who recognize that the core mission of their organization cannot be achieved without effective strategic leadership and governanbce at the board of directors level as well as the entire executive team.

Our mission is to support engaged boards of directors in their efforts to improve their own performance, while working with the executive leadership to enhance the performance of the organization through robust learning about the core disciplines of Strategic Leadership & Governance in the 21st Century.
A Not-For-Profit and Tax Exempt 501(c)(3) organization with a mission of partnering with educational institutions and corporations to facilitate the research, development and enhancement of the body of knowledge of leadership principles which facilitate  superior Peak Perfiormance of the organization.



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It is hoped that by exposing non-profits to the many high quality thinkers, authors and consultants on leadership, they will be able to use these thinkers to help develop a better understanding of leadership principles and practices. - Gerry Czarnecki

You're A Non-Profit Director ... What Now?

What Every Nonprofit Director Needs to Know!


Your participation and performance as a nonprofit director is critical to the success of your organization.  But do you really understand what that role entails and what is expected of you as a leader?  All too often the answer is "no".  This book is a primer that will enable you to make the most of your experience as a director.

Author Gerry Czarnecki is an esteemed leader and supporter of nonprofit organizations.  He has served on more than 30 non-profit boards and currently holds leadership positions on the boards of JA Worldwide, National University and the National Association of Corporate Directors, Florida Chapter, Inc.  As a recognized authority on leadership, he provides consulting and training to leaders at all levels in a variety of organizations.  His book, "You're a Non-Profit Director...What Now?" is an acclaimed guide for managers and directors.

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